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What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment moves your natural teeth to enhance the look of your smile and improve your bite. 

Do I need a referral?

No you don’t need a referral, you can just call us to book a consultation with our orthodontist Dr Amanda Leen. If you decide to go ahead with treatment you need to have had a recent check-up with a general dentist.

What is an orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a registered dental specialist. After working as a general dentist for several years there is a rigorous selection process for entry into a 3-year full-time orthodontic course. After this extensive university specialty training, orthodontists no longer do check-ups, fillings or clean your teeth, they just live and breathe tooth-straightening. Some general dentists provide orthodontic treatment, but their main focus is on general oral health. By choosing a registered specialist orthodontist you can be assured you are in experienced hands when having your teeth straightened.


What will the initial visit be like?

You will meet Dr Amanda Leen to discuss your smile and bite. Amanda will thoroughly examine your teeth and jaws before describing what treatment may suit you. Because everyone’s smile, teeth and jaws are so different, detailed photographs of your face and teeth will be taken to allow Dr Leen to plan your treatment. Sometimes she will give you a few options to think about.

Before your first orthodontic visit

Prior to your first visit, please tell us about yourself or your child on the patient information form we will have emailed you. You will also need to get some radiographs (x-rays) of your teeth and jaws. These are different to the ones your dentist takes in your mouth. The x-rays are needed to make sure your teeth and jaw are healthy enough to have orthodontic treatment.

What are braces? What are clear aligners?

Your might know about traditional braces that get fitted to teeth, but these days there are more comfortable and less obvious ways to straighten your teeth too. Come and visit us to learn more about clear aligners (Invisalign).

Adult and teen orthodontic treatment

Treating adults and teens are Dr Leen’s particular interest in orthodontics. We look forward to working with you or your teenager to achieve a winning smile. By the way, you are never too old to have orthodontic treatment.


What is digital orthodontics?

Digital orthodontics uses the latest technology to help deliver your new smile. For example, you might have heard of Invisalign clear aligners. Digital planning allows you to see your new smile before starting treatment! In the digital age, impressions are a thing of the past with our wonderful 3D video tooth scanner. Come visit us to learn more.

Children’s orthodontic treatment

There are only a few situations where it may be necessary to start treatment for children before all baby teeth are lost. This might be an expander or some aligners to fix a cross bite. Because an orthodontic assessment will be straightforward for your child and will give you lots of information, you are welcome to bring them in from the age of 7 if you or your dentist has any concerns with the position of their teeth. The vast majority of children won’t need any treatment at this age, but we will be happy to annually review their dental development as part of the initial consultation fee (general dental checks are still needed). Complete orthodontic care can generally start when children lose all their baby teeth around age 11-13.

What is corrective jaw surgery?

Some people’s teeth don’t fit together well because the jaws that hold the teeth are different sizes. In these cases the best way to achieve an ideal smile and facial profile is to combine orthodontic treatment with jaw surgery. This collaborative treatment also involves an Oral Maxillofacial surgeon.

Where do we treat patients from?

Anywhere! You can be treated in our Ballarat location and live or work in the western district or beyond. Edenhope? No problem. Stawell? Sounds great. Are you from Hamilton, Daylesford or Avoca? Come in and meet our friendly regional team who understand life outside the city. As long as you can visit Ballarat every 6-10 weeks, your tooth straightening will progress. Our treatments are especially well suited for students attending boarding school in Ballarat, so book a consultation to find out why.

Do you have more questions?

Want to know how long it takes to straighten your teeth? Want to know how much it costs to straighten your teeth? Because you are a unique individual, we can’t provide that information without meeting you for a consultation. Contact our friendly team today to book in.

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